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The project "Cycle Routes Of the Foothills" is an innovative, trans-regional project consisting in the construction of a basic infrastructure for the handling of bicycle traffic. The project includes the construction and marking of paved cycle paths and the de-routing and marking of cycle routes in non-urban areas, as well as the construction and installation of basic accompanying infrastructure.

One of the distinguishing feature of EnoVelo is the recreational infrastructure along the entire route. Such places, like highways, have been called MOR, or Places of Service for Cyclists. In tarnowski, Brest and Dabrowskie districts there are several dozen of them on the route and are located every approx. 100 000 meters. 10 kilometers, usually with tourist attractions and interesting places.

MORs include: parking spaces, gazebos, sheds, bike racks, benches, tables, trash cans, recreational and gymnastic equipment.

All MOR's are uniformly marked and equipped with sheds, benches, U-shaped bike racks, information boards and trash cans, and some also portable toilets and water tanks. M

OR's allow you to rest, shelter from the rain and get information about attractions in the immediate area. Stay at MOR is of course free of charge.

The MOR is complemented by the MPR system, which is a bike-friendly place. In the "Plan your trip" tab you will find a search engine for accommodation, catering facilities, tourist attractions, tourist information centres and other facilities that offer services dedicated to cyclists. In these places you can eat, stay and explore, being calm about the safety of your bike and a friendly party.

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