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We can start the route in the south of the poviat, along the Dunajec River, near the Tropsztyn Castle in Wytrzyszcz. This 13th century monument was crucial for the trade route by water and land towards Hungary and is famous for the legend of the Inca treasure.

VeloDunajec is a bicycle route marked out according to the course of the Dunajec, which is considered particularly beautiful in these southern regions. This trail enchants local visitors with a view of the Tatra Mountains, Gorce, Beskidy, Pieniny and Pogórze. It is worth going to the nearby Iwkowa, where there is an observation tower with a beautiful and unique in its beauty view of the Rożnowskie, Wiśnickie, Ciężkowskie, Beskidy, Brzesko and Okocim Foothills.

On the other hand, in the north of the poviat, interesting wooden buildings await visitors in Mokrzyska and Szczepanów. In Niedzieliska (commune of Szczurowa), with a bit of luck, you can see the “stork village”. In Przyborów there is a fishery “Zbyszko” and a manor and park complex, which is now the seat of a fishing farm. The VeloRaba route runs at the northwest end of the county.

In the central part of the region, there is Brzesko with the famous Okocim brewery.

Okocim – Porąbka Uszewska – Okocim route – 37 km
This is a nice, recreational route with few climbs.

Leaving the EnoVelo routes from Okocim, we cross Doły and go to the grotto in Porąbka Uszewska. From there, a nice and slow road to the castle in Dębno. Further through Sterkowiec and Maszkienice – we stop for a moment at the war cemetery No. 279. The route will lead us to Szczepanów, where we admire the Wooden Architecture Trail and the magnificent Basilica. At the end of the trip we reach Brzesko, where we admire the market square with a fountain and a statue of St. Florian, parks: Jordanowski and Goetz, neo-Gothic town hall, the Goetz Palace and the Brewery in Brzesko – Okocim. The industrial architecture of the brewery is one of the most interesting in Małopolska.

Okocim – Zakliczyn – Czchów – Okocim 57 km
In Okocim we head towards the forest (Kamieniec estate) and then through the forest towards Biesiadki. There we go to Łoniowa, then turn right and continue straight through Niedźwiedza, Gwoździec and reach road no. 980 in Melsztyn (it is worth visiting the ruins of the castle). Then we go to Zakliczyn, we pass through the center of the town. We head west along the Dunajec River to the ferry in Piaski Drużków, then to the center of Czchów and Tymowa. In Tymowa, turn towards Sącz, and after about 150 meters, right before the petrol station, turn left. We climb the narrow road to Gosprzydowa. Then we head towards Lewniowa, then to Biesiadki and again through the forest to Okocim. The route is interesting because of several elevations.

Szczepanów – Strzelce Wielkie – Uście Solne – Mikluszowice – Szczepanów – 95 km
We can start our route along EnoVelo in Szczepanów – the town is famous for the St. St. Stanisław and charming wooden buildings.

Next we head north towards Borzęcin. There you can see gravel water reservoirs, and rest for a while at the cyclist service point.

After 9 km we arrive at the Stork Village in Niedzieliska. In Strzelce Wielkie, less than 4 km away, we can see the wooden church of St. Sebastian, a real gem on the Wooden Architecture Trail. From Barczkowo, we can see the queen of Polish rivers – the Vistula and admiring the amazing views we reach Uście Solne. This town used to be one of the main transit centers of the Bochnia salt. Attractions here include the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle and wooden buildings. We cross the bridge in Mikluszowice and find ourselves on the VeloRaba section, where for almost 10 km we admire beautiful views up to the footbridge in Mikluszowice. We get to the section of VeloMałopolska, which takes us back to Szczepanów.

Brzesko – Brzesko – 49.5 km
Brzesko – Szczepanów – Dębno Castle – Porąbka Uszewska – Bocheniec – Okocim – Brzesko (Brewery). The route mostly consists of flat sections, but we will also encounter two hills: Bocheniec – 7 km of driveway and Okocim 5 km of driveway with an average slope of 5.5 (Okocim) to 6.5 degrees (Bocheniec) If we add the Castle in Dębno and a few nice churches, as well as a few springs with drinking water scattered along the way, it can certainly be classified as an extremely interesting and picturesque route.

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