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Polish pole of heat located in the vicinity of Tarnów is a region stretching before the Carpathian Foothills, between Bochnia, Brzeska, Tarnów, Dębica, Mielc and Dąbrowa Tarnowska. It is famous for the most favorable thermal conditions from all regions in Poland. No wonder, then, that this is a region where the cultivation of vines develops from year to year and arrives both small, backyard and large vineyards.

Wisniewski Foothills located between the valleys of Raby and Dunajec, to the west is adjacent to the Wielicki Foothills, to the east with the Roznowski Foothills, to the south with the Island Beskydy. Hikers and tourists can enjoy beautiful views, laid out in a mosaic of fields and forests, as well as unusual souvenirs of ancient history, that is, petrified oaks in a quarry that is already closed today.

The Bocheński Foothills, located near the Dunajec Valley in the east, bordered to the south by the Wielicki and Wiśnicki foothills, to the north and east to the Vistula Lowland. The foothills are in the form of gentle hills with a height of 260-300 m, dismembered by the valleys and flowing in them streams, passing north into the flat-bottomed valleys of Raby and Vistula.

The southern zone of the Bocheński Foothills, which is transformed gently in the Wisniewski Foothills, is bounded to the south by the island, and by the massive hills of the Beskydy Mountains, from which the teeth of the Tatra Mountains sometimes grow.

The Roznowski Foothills are exceptionally rich in landscape values, located on the winding, groundbreaking Dunajec Valley. Within the region there are two reservoirs: Lake Rożnowskie (16.9 km²) and Lake Czchowskie (3.5 km²). The only city entirely lying on the Rożnowski Foothills is Zakliczyn. Nature belongs to the average transformed as a result of human activity. In use, farmland and meadows predominate, forests are preserved on very steep slopes.

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