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A bicycle trip around Tarnów can be planned in such a way as to include as many kilometers as possible of the Velo Małopolska network – the Vistula Cycling Route and Velo Dunajec in a one-day loop. The train station can be a convenient starting point.

A ride around the Old Town in Tarnów will bring every tourist closer to the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Poland. The Town Hall in the middle of the slightly sloping plate of the Market Square shines in the rays of the setting sun, which illuminates the tower with the oldest working tower clocks in Małopolska. The arcades of the tenement houses around the Market Square sparkle with magnificent colors, and almost always crowds of guests under the bright umbrellas of the restaurant gardens.

Jewish culture and its heritage are inextricably linked with this city. Therefore, when passing along Żydowska Street, it is worth stopping by an interesting structure called Bima – it is a remnant of the Old Synagogue. Today, concerts are organized here as part of the Days of Remembrance of the Galician Jews.

Although there are no more trams in the city, here, in the old town, we can come across a reconstructed tram car. It is a symbol of pre-war times, when Tarnów trams, the so-called “Ladybugs”. Today he finds a second life thanks to the nice cafe located there – Cafe Tramwaj.

Tarnów is full of numerous museums, such as the Ethnographic Museum, which is the only one in Europe with a permanent exhibition devoted to the history and culture of the Roma. The following museums are also worth visiting: the Home Army (Center for Education about Remembrance), the Diocese Museum, and the museums located at 3 and 19 Market Square.

A moment of relaxation after intensive sightseeing of Tarnów by bike, you can spend in one of the fantastic natural facilities: eg Strzelecki Park with the Bema Mausoleum and Sanguszków Park with a multimedia fountain.

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